Valrhona Chocolate Easter Eggs

Valrhona Chocolate Easter Eggs

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
March 25, 2010

This month’s winners are Ariel and Patricia Grande!

Below is the original Baking Friday post.


Scroll down to enter a comment, and click “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send us your answer by midnight tonight for the chance to win two boxes of Valrhona chocolate Easter eggs. Winners will be contacted via email. This Baking Friday is open to participants living in all 50 states.

Next Sunday is Easter, and who can resist those chocolate eggs? It brings me back to my childhood, though back then I was not enjoying the high quality chocolates that I do now.

Valrhona’s dozen colorful, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs come in a clear oblong box tied with a powder green ribbon.

The milk chocolate Tanariva (33%) gives sweet notes of caramel, and the milk chocolate Gianduja has subtle flavors of hazelnut. The dark chocolate eggs have either a juicy raspberry or Manjari (64%) (dark bitter chocolate) center.

The Chocolate Easter Egg collection is available online by the dozen in either all milk, all dark, or a combination.

Enter this week’s Baking Friday to win two boxes of Valrhona’s chocolate eggs, just in time for Easter!


Comments (27)


Mar 26, 07:35 AM

I’m a chocoholic!


Mar 26, 07:35 AM

Scrambled, with a little bit of milk, shallots, and salsa.

Grant Vingoe

Mar 26, 07:46 AM

Every year, from the time I was a young child, my mother would give my brother and I one Laura Secord Easter egg. (Laura Secord is a Canadian-only Candy store chain dating back to early in the century and named after the Canadian War of 1812 heroine, who took great risks warning of an American attack.)

Inside the large egg the fondant is very white, turning to yellow in the center. It has the texture of caramel and is shiny like a stiff meringue, but there are apparently no actual eggs in the ingredients. The fondant is really, really sweet. The outer chocolate covering comes in very good dark or milk chocolate. This is really a candy frozen in time — a 19th century confection that is pure sweetness, without any compromise to healthier tastes. For me, the Laura Secord egg is about memories of growing up in Canada and my mother. I would happily have one every Easter.

If you want to try one, there is a web site that offers Canadian food products in the U.S., including Laura Secord Easter Eggs.


Mar 26, 07:47 AM

All chocolate!


Mar 26, 08:00 AM

I love eggs any way they are prepared, poached, fried, scrambled, or boiled, but I have a particular weakness for deviled eggs. Savoy serves one of my favorite’s.


Mar 26, 08:12 AM

I love them scrambled with abit of cream cheese mixed in to make them nice and fluffy. Yum !!!


Mar 26, 08:17 AM

Loved poached eggs when I visited my grandparents as a child. Put on top of toast made of grandpa’s homemade bread and cut into squares. Mmmm… Hard boiled are good too.


Mar 26, 08:20 AM

I like eggs just about any way, but one of my favorites is basically poached scrambled eggs. you scramble them in a bowl and then pour into a pot of simmering water, put the lid on for 30 seconds, and strain. dress with good olive oil and a little salt.


Mar 26, 08:25 AM

I’m a total chocolate-fanatic..I love everything and anything chocolate!

As far as the eggs…scrambled please with a splash of milk!


Mar 26, 08:31 AM

soft scrambled on a croissant from Claude’s with blue cheese (but i’m definitely going to try Lexi’s poached scrabled version this weekend!)


Mar 26, 08:58 AM

lightly scrambled eggs from Flying Pigs Farm with mushrooms and herbs from the greenmarket. sometimes i add tomatoes.

Maria Hakuta

Mar 26, 09:01 AM

I love eggs any which way. When I was a child growing up in a small town in Asia, I remember waiting underneath our own small chicken coop to catch the egg as it hatches and eating it raw, right then and there. I also loved putting raw egg on top of freshly cooked rice, with a sprinkling of soy sauce and perhaps some bonito flakes and some freshly ground black pepper. Nowadays, as a vegetarian, it is my one go-to source of protein, either in a 3-minute soft-boiled or a shallots/jalapeno/spinach omelette! Ummm, gooood!

Costanza Tedesco

Mar 26, 09:50 AM



Mar 26, 09:57 AM

deviled. of course.


Mar 26, 10:26 AM

Fritattas! mmmmmmm.


Mar 26, 10:32 AM

brown and speckled in a cardboard carton

Adria Linder

Mar 26, 10:59 AM

Deviled! =)

The Dude

Mar 26, 11:48 AM

Unbroken. But seriously, the Valrhona eggs relegate those Cadbury cream eggs of yore to a distant memory…


Mar 26, 12:39 PM

I like eggs with feta cheese from Astoria, tomatoes from a farmer’s market (or my containers) and maybe a little spinach!

Patricia Grande

Mar 26, 02:08 PM

Poached, soft scrambled, deviled, frittata with potatoes and onion, Western omelet. Haven’t had one since my grandmother used to make them for me, but soft boiled in one of those little cups with lightly toasted and heavily buttered good bread pieces mixed in – no crusts please. Lots of salt and pepper and an extra little pat of butter on top. Those were the days when no one worried about butter.


Mar 26, 02:50 PM

Everything tastes better with an egg on top! An over-easy egg elevates just about anything for me — from a burger to a salad (frisee with lardons & aged blue cheese, please), fried rice, or spaghetti seasoned with oil, s&p, a little garlic and a shower of freshly-grated parmesan…


Mar 26, 03:21 PM

Hmmmm….definitely poached or sunnyside up-but must have a runny yolk!


Mar 26, 05:10 PM

Scrambled with all sorts of veggies and cheese mixed into it.


Mar 26, 06:26 PM



Mar 29, 01:41 PM

egg salad: on toast, crackers, or on a spoon, creamy goodness :)
Its what to do with all of the easter eggs.


Mar 29, 02:26 PM

I second Judee on the egg salad. I can’t believe I forgot that on my list!


Mar 29, 02:36 PM

eggs are all good…real and choc

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