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The Patisseries of Paris

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
May 14, 2009

This month’s winners are Kay and Kelli. Congratulations!

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The Patisseries of Paris
By Jamie Cahill
The Little Bookroom

The first time I fell in love with French pastries was in high school on a trip to see Cynthia in Paris. I fell hard for lemon tarts (tarte au citron) and wanted to stop in for one every time we passed a patisserie. My obsession didn’t end even upon my return to the U.S. Freshman year in college, I was notorious for going to Dean & Deluca daily for a mini lemon tart. Years later, while I still hold a fondness for tarte au citron, there are just too many French pastries to love only one.

And now there’s a guide to all of them. The Little Bookroom’s The Patisseries of Paris is the perfect guide for sweets lovers who want to know what to get where in Paris from intensely flavored macarons to the most sophisticated chocolates. You’ll also learn important tid-bits like what time in-the-know Parisians buy their favorite pastries fresh out of the oven. It’s a must-have for food lovers traveling in Paris!

Jean Paul Hevin in ParisAlison Harris

Anything chocolate from Jean-Paul Hevin (above image), strawberry-tomato tarts from Pierre Hermé and macarons from Ladurée are just some of my favorites! And The Patisseries of Paris has introduced me to many more.

Happy patisserie hopping!

Thank you, The Little Bookroom, for this week’s Baking Friday contribution!


Comments (28)


May 15, 06:54 AM

Nothing is better than a chausson aux pommes, especially when the apples are still a little bit firm. A close second is the tarte tatin with creme fraiche. Carmelized fruit really is delicious.

Lucio Sia

May 15, 06:55 AM

I love French pastries like you. Regards to Cynthia.


May 15, 07:12 AM

A small flaky, right out of the oven, custard tart, from the Dim Sum menu at Lai Wah Heen in Toronto.


May 15, 07:18 AM

This book looks amazing! For a local french pastry treat, I like the chocolate almond croissants at CeceCela.


May 15, 07:33 AM

Eclairs, ever since I discovered that they weren’t the frozen ice cream treats you’d buy in elementary school.


May 15, 07:34 AM

Macarons and amazing hot chocolate at La Duree….yum!


May 15, 07:51 AM

I love lemon tarts. Also almond croissants…Trois Pommes in Brooklyn has very good ones.


May 15, 07:53 AM

one of my favorite things in the world are macarons, and one of the best I’ve had is the Ispahan macaron from Pierre Herme.


May 15, 08:08 AM

pain au chocolat, aka the chocolate croissant.


May 15, 08:27 AM

croissants from patisserie claude!


May 15, 08:46 AM

Mmm, as you know, I love JP Hevin, especially for chocolate sorbet in the summer. My favorite pastry, though, is a religieuse au cafe; my favorite is from a little shop on rue saint dominique, close to where Cyn and I both lived one spring.


May 15, 08:51 AM

keep it simple. a nice warm pain au chocolat does it.


May 15, 08:54 AM

Of course the chocolate cakes!
Also I love the ones with moouse such as rasberry chocolate mousse, passion fruit, etc

Katy Conway

May 15, 09:00 AM

A runner-up would have to go to the beautifully adorned, almost surreal eclairs at Fauchon. However,
the absolute winner in the favorite pastry category will have to go to virtually anything at Pierre Herme in Paris…I am recalling in particular a fabulous passion fruit cake. Unbelievable.

Tony Martino

May 15, 09:30 AM

Flaky warm Sfoglatelle with crunch and great baked cheese interiors!!!!

Frances Ning

May 15, 09:34 AM

I recommend Lady M’s pastries.. the millefeuille cake is unforgettable. French pastries are one of the few desserts worth the extra calories =) My favorite are fruit tarts.


May 15, 09:37 AM

leaving for champagne from the gare de l’est this march, i discovered the newly-renovated train station and tasted the most perfect croissant at brasserie flo. the most perfect croissant.


May 15, 10:29 AM

I’m a croissant fiend, but my favorite pastries are Marranitos. For those who are unfamiliar, they’re a Mexican molasses pastry, somewhere between a cookie and a cake, and unlike any other treat. They have a texture not unlike a black and white cookie, are dark brown, not overly sweet and they have a shiny egg wash on top Traditionally they’re pig shaped (hence their name), but my favorite bakery (Marissa's in south Minneapolis of all places) uses the same dough and just rolls it out, sort of like a flat pain au chocolat. I've been known to eat a half dozen with a pot of coffee in a single morning. If anyone knows where to get them in NY, please post!

Julia Ames

May 15, 11:33 AM

anything with philo dough, mmmm although a plane fluffy croissant can steal my heart any day.


May 15, 11:48 AM

Kataifi, greek pastry of shredded philo surrounding a mixture of nuts with gooey honey. The best part is the bottom of the roll, because the honey saturates the pastry, just like baklava. The Greek Food Festival in DC will be serving them this weekend, and I will be there.


May 15, 12:35 PM

I adore those little snail pastries from Grandaisy in NYC.


May 15, 01:09 PM

Laduree’s packaging is as enticing as the macarons that come in them!


May 15, 05:13 PM

Hmmm…this is a tough one. I love so many. But I have to say I definitely love macarons!


May 15, 06:41 PM

croissant from patisserie claude


May 15, 09:33 PM

Chocolate croissants!!!!!!!

Judy C

May 15, 10:15 PM

Nothing like a homemade tarte tatin!


May 16, 02:18 AM

Canneles, Portuguese Egg Tarts & JP Hevin. Mon dieu!


May 18, 01:34 PM

A warm plain croissant from McCabes, the only decent bakery in Bethany Beach

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