Joyce Bakeshop Cupcakes

Joyce Bakeshop

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
September 13, 2007

This week’s winners are Maud and Jessica. Congratulations!

Below is the original Baking Friday post from this week.


Scroll down below to enter a comment. Make sure to click on “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send in your answer by 5pm today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win a box of cupcakes from Joyce Bakeshop.

Winners will be contacted via email to arrange for pick-up either in Manhattan or in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Cynthia recently introduced me to a great find: Joyce Bakeshop in Prospect Heights. The bakery/café itself is a darling space to hang out in and the baked goods, sweet and savory, are scrumptious! We especially like their quiche!

Thanks, Joyce Bakeshop for the cupcakes this week! They are celebrating their first anniversary and looking forward to many more in Prospect Heights. Happy birthday, Joyce! We’re also look forward to many more anniversaries and great baked goods to come!


Comments (19)

mort hochstein

Sep 14, 04:45 AM

good lookingt issue, guys


Sep 14, 05:06 AM

Bakeries: It’s all the Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn (5th avenue and Park Place). This little known hideaway is home to some of the best savory and sweets in the city. The coffee cake makes my cappuccino shiver with excitement. Although the muffins stand out some of the flavors can be “on the wild side”. On the other hand if your interested in trying a Mango-Strawberry, Huckleberry-Orange, or Brand-Zucchini (only seasonal fruits used) muffin, then line up. With a fresh Brooklyn “good morning” the staff will make you come back just for their smile. Nice coffee mugs too.


Sep 14, 05:23 AM

birdbath (city bakery’s green bakery) on 7th ave. hands down. i go religiously. the cookies are soft and chewy on the inside, a bit crisp on the outside. and not only does everything look beautiful, but it tastes fantastic as well. don’t be scared of the vegan options. believe me, i am not a vegan proponent (after all, i work at a cheese shop), but somethings are just too delicious to pass up just becuase they are vegan (the vegan raspberry muffins is one of my favorite selections. . . so moist). and just when you think it can’t get any better, you can top off your baked goods with an iced two-tone (a mix of coffee and rich, dark chocolate milk) or farmers lemonade (refreshing classic with a splash of cream!).


Sep 14, 05:41 AM

City Bakery might be a generic choice, but I can’t resist their cookies. Chocolate chip and Coconut are my favorites.


Sep 14, 05:47 AM

I love Tazza in Brooklyn Heights ( Henry Street, between State and Atlantic). They have delicious scones, turnovers, desserts, coffees, and teas. And later in the day, the place turns into a wine bar!

Also, I love Levain Bakery on the UWS – they have the BEST cookies in NYC.


Sep 14, 05:47 AM

Syrena Bakery, in Greenpoint. They do everything best of breed. For example, there is currently a lot of plum cake at Polish bakeries around town, but theirs is the only one that you can’t stop eating. The cake part is almost cookie-like, and is in the right proportion to the plums. Also, they have lots of varieties of bread, all soft and fresh, and really cheap – like around $2/loaf. It’s really worth finding their obscure location on the edge of the industrial zone of Greenpoint.


Sep 14, 05:54 AM

Two Little Red Hens in Park Slope! I’m partial to the spiced carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. :)


Sep 14, 06:05 AM

without a doubt, levain bakery. one cookie is a meal in itself!


Sep 14, 06:05 AM

I have to put in an enthusiastic vote for Grandaisy Bakery on Sullivan St. It’s so obvious that Monica, the owner, not only loves food, but cares about it — from where it originates to how the final product is presented. The fruit tarts are out of the world…and gorgeous to boot! Those snail pastries, lumaca, are some of the most incredible things I’ve tasted. And it helps that the employees are so knowledgable and friendly…


Sep 14, 06:15 AM

as a park sloper, i’m pretty regional with my bakeries.

so glad the poster above (another jessica too – we should meet, no?) mentioned two little red hens! they make amazing cakes and other impressive stuff ideal for taking to dinner parties, etc. (incidentally a two little red hens outpost will, i’m told, be opening on the UWS soon and the park slope shop may be changing its name because the owners are parting ways).

for muffins and other morning fare, i like sweet melissa. their muffins are the most like homemade i’ve had in the area, and they also offer great savory muffins.

sadly, there are no good options for bread anymore (that i know of), since uprising bakery declined under changed ownership then shut down entirely.


Sep 14, 06:27 AM

Bouchon Bakery for viennoiserie and special cookies; Bouley Bakery for their superb pastries and orange cake.


Sep 14, 06:32 AM

La Bergamote in Chelsea.

Adria Linder

Sep 14, 06:48 AM

Sweet Melissa Patisserie in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Delicious confections!

howard tang

Sep 14, 07:07 AM

sounds like fab cupcakes


Sep 14, 07:12 AM

At the risk of seeming trite or unimaginative…I like Magnolia Bakery. Shame! But in all seriousness, the banana pudding is so very tasty. And I love a slice of carrot cake when they have it. Cherries jubilee is not bad either & chocolate cake slices are v. good. Skip the cupcakes & the lines. But swing by on a quiet afternoon, pick up some pudding and coffee then stroll down Bleecker or stop to peruse the overstock books at Biography Book shop. That is a good day.


Sep 14, 07:57 AM

Petrosian has an intense chocolate chip cookie with a rich somewhat complex chocolate. Sweet Melissa has a nice chocolate chip almond cookie with a good firm texture (certainly more cookie than cake) and a nutty aromatic flavor.


Sep 14, 08:30 AM

Babycakes in LES!!

Laura Marcus

Sep 14, 08:39 AM

My new favorite is Trois Pommes, on 5th Ave. in Park Slope. I love their peanut butter cookie sandwiches!


Sep 14, 12:32 PM

For cupcakes alone, I’m still a fan of Buttercup Bakeshop, for regular cakes I rely on Two Little Red Hens, not just because they’re a block away from my home in Yorkville, and for other bread, how about the boulangerie at Balthazar?

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