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by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
March 28, 2008

This month’s winners are Jeff and Jeannie. Congratulations!

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We’re so excited that the folks at guides finally came out with their NYC guide! Not only do guides focus on one-of-a-kind local eating and shopping destinations, but they are also beautifully designed and easy to use.

Each spread is devoted to one restaurant or shop with store information on the left-hand side and images and description on the right. Here’s an example that we’ve rearranged (due to space) top to bottom instead of left to right:

The NYC guide covers all five boroughs and is good for visitors and locals alike, as it compiles the gems that you shouldn’t miss in the City.

Check out their other guides, too. From Portland to Montreal, they’ve got it covered!

All guides (print and online versions) can be purchased through their website.

We thank guides for this week’s Baking Friday contribution!


Comments (18)

Jeff K

Mar 28, 07:40 AM

9th Street Espresso
Best Espresso, Best Macchiato, Best RedEye
They exclusively use beans from Stumptown Roasters, a very well respected roaster from th West Coast. And the barristas are the best in town…Derek, Aaron, Eric, Mark, Jess – hats off!


Mar 28, 07:44 AM

Joe’s on 13th St
I drink decaf. When I had it for the first time, I had to ask them if it was really decaf because it was soooooo good!! Very strong in flavor but without being acidic or bitter.


Mar 28, 07:47 AM

I go to Gorilla Coffee everyday, sometimes twice a day. I mostly drink regular and iced coffee there, but they make a better latte than 9th St. Espresso.


Mar 28, 07:52 AM

that place on irving place makes the best coffee


Mar 28, 08:12 AM

Lattes and expresso from Ciprinis Cafe on 42nd St. make it like you are in Italy. Also there is a new expresso Vodka that “hits the spot” after dinner!!


Mar 28, 08:21 AM

Gimmee coffee at 228 Mott Street is one of my favorite places. The beans are international, roasted in small batches and the cappuccino tastes first rate. It is a pleasure to go there.


Mar 28, 08:30 AM

Mmm….Grom’s Caffé Espresso gelato made with “Huehuetenango highland coffee” is to die for. I want some right now!


Mar 28, 08:30 AM

The W. Village is full of first-rate coffee places, but I think Jack’s is the best for taste, quality, setting, and variety of dogs parked outside.


Mar 28, 08:35 AM

To save some money, I stopped going to coffee shops for my caffeine fix. I just pick up $5.99/lb bags (sometimes $4.99!) of coffee from Union Market in Park Slope (the ones in nice black bags that open and reseal) and make coffee at home and in my office. Quality sometimes surpasses what I get at Starbucks, and each bag lasts a while.

susan barricelli

Mar 28, 08:52 AM

Porto Rico on Thompson St. in Soho beats any coffee I’ve had in the city. That includes American, Espresso, Cappucino any! It is soooo delicious.


Mar 28, 09:04 AM

Oren’s Daily Roast (Waverly Place, Grand Central, and other locations) has incredibly fresh and delicious coffee beans. We do a hand-poured Melita drip every morning, and with Oren’s beans our coffee is spectacular. You can tell how fresh they are; they “puff up” when you pour the hot water over the grind, and you even get a slight “crema.” Amazing.


Mar 28, 09:49 AM

Porto Rico’s house blend in the East Village is absolutely delicious, and the coffee they serve at Bouchon (among other things) is fantastic as well.

Adria Linder

Mar 28, 10:10 AM

Joe’s cappuccino. I’m addicted. Everyone who knows me knows I can’t be stopped!

Mid-C Frank

Mar 28, 10:55 AM

I alternate between Fairway and Zabar’s for espresso beans — both are great and well-priced, but switching helps keep things from getting stale, so to speak. As for coffee shop — Hungarian Pastry on Amsterdam @ 111 is my all time favorite.


Mar 28, 11:36 AM

gimme coffee is hands down the best coffee drink (spoken like a true ithaca fanatic). new shop just opened on mott. besides that, i have to say i have a not-so-secret obsession with ronnybrook coffee milk. it’s basically like drinking melted coffee ice cream (and by that i mean heaven!)


Mar 28, 12:02 PM

I’m a Gorilla fan! I buy their Nicaraguan beans and make Melita drip at home. In the cafe I get a double short americano with hazelnut syrup and half-n-half. It’s like dessert. Yum.

Cem Adiyaman

Mar 28, 02:54 PM

cafe medina; my lovely moroccon place on 17th st btw 5th ave and union square w. every day they have special coffies, and every other day day make a spacial blend that truly is addictive… mmmhhh… all thay it is the only thing you can think of. just like a little naughty act you did in your lunch time, it’s all you can think of when you come back to your desk, with an unstoppable heart beat of course.


Mar 29, 05:29 PM

My comment may be too late, but… Ozzie’s in Park Slope, Brooklyn, USA.

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