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by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
December 4, 2008

This week’s winners are Jen and Pat Savoie. Congratulations!

Below is the original Baking Friday post.


Scroll down to enter a comment. Make sure to click on “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send in your answer by midnight today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win a one-year subscription to Gastronomica. Winners will be contacted via email. This Baking Friday is open to participants throughout the U.S.

Our third holiday gift recommendation and this week’s Baking Friday prize is a subscription to the most intellectually stimulating food magazine, Gastronomica. Published by the University of California Press, Gastronomica includes a range of scholarly articles, fiction, poetry and luscious images.

The magazine is published four times a year with meaty substance that keeps you thinking throughout that season. I first learned of Gastronomica in a culinary history class, where the content of the magazine always generated discussions.

For our readers, Gastronomica is offering a special 15% discount on new subscriptions. Enter your answer to this week’s question below for your chance to win a one-year subscription, but if you’re not a winner, this discount offer is great for food lovers who crave gastronomic knowledge.

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Thank you, Gastronomica for this week’s Baking Friday contribution!


Comments (33)

Ariel Shearman

Dec 5, 07:17 AM

I read tons of food blogs and Serious Eats. Sometimes look at Epicurious for recipes. Chowhound too!

Rebecca Jenkins

Dec 5, 09:16 AM

I LOVE to read Food & Wine and I am always on Epicurious and Food Network to see what new recipes have come out. Yummmmm!


Dec 5, 09:23 AM

1. gourmet
2. any edible publications i can get my hands on (not actually edible, but the edible community publications)
3. saveur
4. slow food snail
5. diner journal
6. the art of eating
7. occasionally donna hay magazine

i think that covers it.


Dec 5, 09:25 AM

I’ve been picking up those Edible Brooklyn and Edible Manhattan magazines. I also like to read sometimes.

Jon O

Dec 5, 09:29 AM

Cook’s Illustrated never disappoints.


Dec 5, 09:34 AM

I, too, read MANY food blogs. I currently have 150 or so bookmarked on my computer!! Also read SE, Chow, and Cravings, of course. :)
As for mags, I read the Edibles, Bon Appetit, Gourmet, sometimes Vegetarian Times and Eating Well, and any other I can get my mitts on!

Kaity Chou

Dec 5, 09:45 AM



Dec 5, 09:49 AM

Cooking Light – great recipes and healthy as well!


Dec 5, 10:21 AM

Cooks Illustrated


Dec 5, 10:24 AM

the Edibles,
diner journal,
Food & Wine,
Cooks Illustrated,
Everyday Food,


Dec 5, 10:26 AM

Saveur, Gourmet, bon appetit, edible brooklyn, and serious eats are all great!


Dec 5, 10:33 AM

Intermezzo is my favorite magazine. I also peruse through Gourmet, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit & Edible Manhattan.
On a daily basis, I read eater, restaurantgirl, strong buzz, serious eats, bitten.


Dec 5, 10:45 AM

I have Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines that go back 20 years!

I look at at least once a day, but by far my favorite online food site is Chocolate&Zucchini.


Dec 5, 10:56 AM

Grub Street!! And Gourmet!!


Dec 5, 11:05 AM

I’m not a huge foodie, but I love the recipes and tips in Real Simple magazine. Just call me a housewife…

Pat Savoie

Dec 5, 11:10 AM

I read print and electronic:, Food & Wine, Saveur, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator, Cooks Illus, Chowhound, Chocolate & Zucchini….

Pat T.

Dec 5, 11:14 AM

Gastronomica is a great magazine. For quality of writing, I love Saveur the most. Epicurious is my go-to site for recipe researches.

But I mostly read wine magazines. Anybody have favorite wine blogs or on-line wine communities to recommend?


Dec 5, 11:19 AM

I like gourmet, the edibles, food and wine. For online, in addition to yours, i like


Dec 5, 11:19 AM

all i need is my marcella hazan cookbook

Patricia Childers

Dec 5, 11:26 AM

Cookstr just started up. Not much yet but looks promising.


Dec 5, 11:38 AM

I love Cooking Light and the 101 Cookbooks blog.


Dec 5, 11:38 AM

Serious eats


Dec 5, 11:50 AM

I also read:

La Cucina Italiana
Vegetarian Times
Bon appetit
The NYTimes (food section, does that count?)


Dec 5, 12:13 PM

i like fine Cooking, Food and Wine, and Martha Stewart Everyday Food


Dec 5, 01:39 PM

read the food magazines from britain and down-under,Gourmet. occasionally Gastronomica, La Cucina.
also any of the cookbooks from the masters (have about 500.
Look at Food and Wine and Bon Appetit at newstands. Do not enjoy the chefs on TV except for Bobby Flay(he’s imaginative)and Bourdain (he’s Bourdain)


Dec 5, 02:06 PM


Adria Linder

Dec 5, 02:16 PM

Bon Appetit and Gourmet. Occasionally Food & Wine, Cooking Light and 101 Cookbooks.

Barbara Hackett

Dec 5, 02:51 PM

fantastic club to introduce new restaurants and also socialize.


Dec 5, 04:00 PM

I check out website as needed but don’t read any specific publications.

Christopher Stephens

Dec 5, 05:30 PM

Cooks Illustrated, Eater, Kitchn, Serious Eats…


Dec 5, 09:21 PM

I enjoy Eating Well’s newsletter, and a host of other newsletters too numerous to mention. Also, subscribe to Gourmet,
Food and Wine, and Bon Appetite.


Dec 12, 02:28 PM

Food, wine and travel… combine these and I don’t read it, I devour it! All of the above and especially enjoy food literature. Devoted to Italy and believe La Cucina Italiana to be one of the finest available today.


Jan 1, 11:37 PM

Cook’s Magazine

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