Martine's Chocolates

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
December 14, 2007

This week’s winners are Eleazar and Jojo. Congratulations!

Below is the original Baking Friday post from this week.


Scroll down below to enter a comment. Make sure to click on “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send in your answer by 5pm today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win a box of Martine’s Chocolates Collector’s 9-Piece Gift Box.

Winners will be contacted via email and can pick up the prizes at Martine’s Chocolates (Bloomingdale’s 6th Floor).

We’d like to end this year’s Baking Friday program in style. Martine’s Chocolates, one of our favorite New York-based chocolatiers, is helping us do so by giving two Baking Friday winners a limited edition Collector’s 9-Piece Gift Box ($78 value) each!

Chocolatier, , has much to celebrate this holiday season, as it marks the fifteenth anniversary of Martine’s Chocolates, she launches the limited edition 15th Anniversary Keepsake Box — a nine-piece gift box — designed by New York-based artist, Nancy George-Michalson. Martine’s also ecstatic about her ascension to a 29 Zagat rating this year. Congratulations, Martine!

Thank you, Martine’s Chocolates, for this week’s Baking Friday contribution!


Comments (30)


Dec 14, 09:15 AM

Peppermint bark, sweet potato pie, deep fried turkey, homemade cranberry sauce with ginger


Dec 14, 09:22 AM

Hoping that beverages count, I’d have to say eggnog (even without alcohol :)). It’s a rich, sweet indulgence you can excuse during the holidays.

Adria Linder

Dec 14, 09:26 AM

It’s the time of year when I crave rich meat dishes – roasted rack of lamb, braised short ribs, venison, suckling pig… Mmm. ;)


Dec 14, 09:35 AM

Fresh organic chestnuts, roasted in the oven for 15-20 min (with an X cut into their sides so they won’t explode). I saw at Whole Foods they are $5.99/lb or about $10/bag right now. Picked some up last night. Also fresh cranberry sauce – nothing simpler than cranberries, sugar, maybe a little lemon peel. So good.

Laura Marcus

Dec 14, 09:36 AM

A traditional Italian dish that my boyfriends family makes on Christmas Eve every year, Baccala’- prepared with polenta.. so good!


Dec 14, 09:49 AM

Red wine!


Dec 14, 09:54 AM

One word: STUFFING. The only time of the year I carb load guilt free :-).


Dec 14, 10:01 AM

it’s hard to beat a perfectly fried homemade potato latke. don’t ewww my ahhh, but in my family it’s topped with fresh maple syrup!


Dec 14, 10:07 AM

oh, champaign! and strawberries and nice selection of cheese. aromatic holiday tea is also must!

Julien Bismuth

Dec 14, 10:13 AM

foie gras and toast


Dec 14, 10:29 AM

All holiday foods are decadent and delicious. The one thing that makes me crazy this time of year is a perfectly baked pain d’espice which is fragrant of spices and dotted with dried fruit. In addition, sweet and savory chutneys take meats to a celebratory level.


Dec 14, 10:34 AM

some high-quality oven-roasted ham and an excellent pinot noir

Laurie D

Dec 14, 10:36 AM

Homemade cranberry sauce and turkey congee. Maybe this year I’ll try them together!

Ariel Shearman

Dec 14, 10:43 AM

I love my mother’s fruit soup. It’s got all sorts of berries and sour cherries and cinnamon in it and is held together with tapioca, served cold with sour cream. Soooo good. Adapted from a very old Sunset magazine recipe. I made it when I was living in Japan and pleasantly surprised my friends.
I also love the marzipan rolls (like cinnamon rolls but with marzipan) my mom usually makes. I tried that in Japan too…since there is no central heating, I put the dough under the kotatsu, a table with a heater underneath and covered with a blanket, and boy did it rise…onto the tatami, grass mat flooring! Still came out well though!


Dec 14, 10:58 AM

The candies my family makes at the holidays – white chocoalte with shopped pecans, peanuts and chocolate, etc… Also, it’s cliche but I love gingerbread and gingerbread cookies! And the perennial fave already mentioned by others…cranberry sauce (and antyhing with cranberries!)


Dec 14, 10:59 AM

hmmm…tough one. fresh baked cookies, cakes, and other special sweets. brittles and toffees. and of course, stuffing!


Dec 14, 12:12 PM

my mom’s panamanian egg nog. i stand and stir for an hour..but it’s well worth it!


Dec 14, 12:14 PM

this is so hard, as, food-wise, i crave different things for every different holiday. as a general category, i would have to agree with adria on the meats. . . it is always an occassion where there is a lot of thought and preparation put into the main course. but, again, the meat differs for each holiday. so here is my real answer. . .

okay this is going to sound completely ridiculous, but one thing that always makes me excited for the holidays (any and all of them) is martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. even though i have been able to partake in real sparkling wine for years, there is just something about the apple cider that is so festive and always reminds me of the holidays of years past.


Dec 14, 12:54 PM

Mmmmmashed potatoes with gravy! So down-home, so old-school, but so delicious! My new method is scalding the milk with smashed garlic cloves and heaps of butter, salt, and pepper. And of course a deeply-flavored, homemade gravy is key.


Dec 14, 01:07 PM

Every one of the 12 fish dishes my family prepares on Christmas Eve, especially if the fish is Baccala.


Dec 14, 01:08 PM

O-zouni which is a Japanese New Year’s soup dish. There are regional and family differences. My family’s way is: in a chicken, bonito soy broth, you put a few slivers of chicken, daikon and carrots. Place a grilled/toasted poofed up mochi (rice cake) then top that with mizuna (Japanese mint, not quite, but) and yuzu (J-citrus). I alos like to crush nori or dried seaweed on top of it. Even if I don’t cook any other Japanese New Year’s food, I’ll never miss a bowl of zouni!!


Dec 14, 01:13 PM

The seven fishes meal on Christmas Eve.

Maureen Luckett

Dec 14, 02:12 PM

Holiday sugar cookies and potato latkes!!!


Dec 14, 02:24 PM

The Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve….Can’t be beat!


Dec 14, 03:29 PM

awesome chocolates!!!


Dec 14, 04:41 PM

It’s all about the smells: cinnamon, apples on the stove, roasted pork, carmelization of anything, fresh snow early in the morning, the ocean air, my famous cheese sticks, warm savory desserts and a game birds on the table. yeah the last won’t happen in the city but lets hope. Happy Holidays Cravings!!


Dec 14, 06:29 PM

Hot chocolate after a day of snowboarding…

eleazar Morris

Dec 14, 06:33 PM

Chulent! it’s a traditional jewish dish. my mom throws barley, beef, potatoes, bean, molasses, and marrow bones, in a pot, puts it on low, lets it simmer for 16 hours or so, and served with homemade challah! The potatoes stain dark from all the ingredients. It’s a big brown pot of love! Mom always makes it for me if I’m coming back home in the winter.

roy q. luckett

Dec 14, 07:32 PM

Anything Maureen (my wife) makes!


Dec 14, 07:47 PM

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies! The holidays always satisfy my sweet tooth!

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