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Kyotofu Treat Box

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
June 15, 2007

This week’s winners are Taneka and Stephen!

Thanks again everyone for your enthusiastic participation and great answers! Until next week…

Below is the original Baking Friday post from this week.


We’d love to know how you like your margarita (frozen or on the rocks). And if you know of any places with good pitchers of frozen margaritas, please throw that in too (optional)!

Click on “comment” below to enter an answer. Make sure to click on “submit” after the preview appears on screen! Send in your comment by 5pm today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win a Treat Box from Kyotofu, including chocolate soufflé cupcakes, mini miso chokos, green tea truffles, and assorted okara cookies.

Winners will be contacted via email and can arrange pick up of the prize at Kyotofu (705 9th Ave) at your own convenience.

Thank you, Kyotofu for your fun and generous donation this week!

Kyotofu specializes in crafting delectable dessert and baked goods, many of which use soymilk made to Kyotofu’s specifications. The Kyotofu Original Tofu is one of our favorites!

Starting next month, Kyotofu will start selling their homemade desserts online. Even if you don’t live in the City, no worries, as goods are shipped nationwide.

While Cravings has been on a summer drinks kick lately, Kyotofu is offering a variety of fun summer cocktails like Yuzu Kumquat Caipirinha, Strawberry Shiso Mojito, and the Waku Waku — a mixture of fresh watermelon, cherry purée and white shochu. Yum!


Comments (25)


Jun 15, 03:49 AM

Definitely Rosa Mexicano. Need I say more?


Jun 15, 04:26 AM

damn, jun, that’s exactly what i was going to say! pomegranate margaritas at rosa mexicano…get some freshly made guac with that and you’re all set.


Jun 15, 04:29 AM

Tortilla Flats – because you can specify what kind of Tequila you want. The expensive Tequila offers a good buzz!


Jun 15, 04:52 AM

sad to say, but i have not yet had a margarita in nyc. but at least now i have a mission (and some excellent guidance. . . that pomegranate margarita does it for me).


Jun 15, 04:53 AM

El Parador makes a great margarita. They also make yummy tamarind margaritas.


Jun 15, 05:21 AM



Jun 15, 05:21 AM

I had a really good margarita at the pegu club once, so I guess I would nominate them.
since you’re on a summer drink fest, how about launching drinking fridays as well?


Jun 15, 05:24 AM

I just think that someone has to name something else than a Mexican bar/restaurant. I had no idea Mexican rest. could make (good) margaritas!! Ok, I should stop b****ing now…I found Rodeo Bar on 3rd Ave@28th St. quite refreshing, not usual NY scene, at all! Their margaritas are big and good. I had more than 1, this must mean they are good… The ambiance and decor (cows, leather, etc.) are quite fun too! If you see typos or misspellings, I apologize; I’m not dumb but simply not from this country.


Jun 15, 05:37 AM

Another vote for Rosa Mexicano. A silver coin: Patron Silver and Cointreau, straight up.


Jun 15, 05:57 AM

The best margaritas can be found at PACIFICO in Cobble Hill. Who knew NYers could get so close to Mexico on the F train?


Jun 15, 05:58 AM

Maria’s Mexican Bistro on Union off 4th Ave. in Park Slope


Jun 15, 06:12 AM

Mexican Radio shakes up a fine margarita on the rocks. Be sure to ask for a salt rimmed glass from John the bartender. Once you get started, it’s hard to stop!

Erika F.

Jun 15, 06:13 AM

Barrio Chino


Jun 15, 06:14 AM

Well, this is another Mexican restaurant (sorry, they seem to have the market cornered on this one) but I have got to throw Mama Mexico on the UWS (Broadway & 103rd) in the ring. Variety of flavors offers something for everyone and taste is consistently delish.


Jun 15, 06:14 AM

Definitely Prickly Pear margaritas from Dos Caminos!


Jun 15, 06:19 AM

Frozen, please. I’ll vote for Maya, although I much prefer their sister restaurant in Denver.


Jun 15, 06:23 AM

I vote that all three Dos Caminos make the best and tastiest passion fruit margaritas – fresh on the rocks.

Laurie D

Jun 15, 06:54 AM

Rodeo Bar!


Jun 15, 08:40 AM

Frozen margaritas at Gabriela’s are the way to go!


Jun 15, 10:14 AM



Jun 15, 10:21 AM

For the classic — lime, triple sec, tequila — Papatzul’s are nearly perfect.

For a marg with a twist: Barrio Chino’s spicy grapfruit rules.

p.s. I’m Texan


Jun 15, 11:38 AM

Dos Caminos, baby!


Jun 15, 12:01 PM

Margaritas: Ohhh, the margaritas at this little taco place on 14th between 8th and 9th (right hand side as your walking towards 9th). It’s a lower level restaurant and they have a outstanding back yard. Cool in the summer time with a slight wind whisling through the pitchers. Yummy.


Jun 15, 12:33 PM

Barrio Chino.
The grapefruit margarita and the jalepeno margarita on the rocks – AMAZING! Plus the bartender is cute, which makes it doubly delicious!


Jun 15, 01:54 PM

El Rio Grande… on East 38th.

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