Fairytale Brownies Truffle Brownies

Fairytale Brownies Truffle Brownies & Cocoa

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
October 16, 2008

This month’s winners are Lexi and Jeanne. Congratulations!

Below is the original Baking Friday post.


Scroll down to enter a comment. Make sure to click on “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send in your answer by midnight today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win a box of Fairytale Truffles and an 8 oz. tin of Fairytale Cocoa. Winners will be contacted via email. Prizes will be mailed, so this Baking Friday is open to participants residing within the continental U.S.

I’ve waited nearly a year to introduce Fairytale Brownies’ truffle brownies. I got a taste of the walnut at last year’s Chocolate Show, but it was still a new product in development. This month, I’m happy to present Fairytale Truffles.

Fairytale Truffles come in three flavors: caramel, raspberry swirl and walnut. These snack-sized brownies are covered in rich, Belgian dark chocolate. A creamy layer of caramel flows through the middle of the caramel brownie truffle; raspberry swirl is baked with raspberry purée that swirls through its top; and chopped walnuts are laced throughout in the walnut truffle brownie.

In addition to a box of the Fairytale Truffles, this month’s prize also includes a tin of the Fairytale Cocoa — just in time for colder weather.

Fairytale Brownies Cocoa

Fairytale Brownies products can be purchased online at brownies.com.

Also, New York’s Chocolate Show is quickly approaching again — how time flies! The Show runs from November 7th to 10th. And don’t forget to check out Fairytale Brownies there at booth C75.

Thank you, Fairytale Brownies, for this week’s Baking Friday contribution!


Comments (37)


Oct 17, 07:17 AM

My mother.


Oct 17, 07:19 AM

I’d say Milk and Cookies on Commerce Street in the West Village. They make small batches so you can be assured of warm cookies with molten chocolate and they continue the baker’s dozen tradition of a free extra cookie.

Adria Linder

Oct 17, 07:22 AM

Levain Bakery!


Oct 17, 07:28 AM

Finding the best Chocolate Chip cookies is a cause I have long been devoted to…And for me so far, it is a tie between those at City Bakery (New York, NY) and Levain Baker (on the UPS in New York). Yum!


Oct 17, 07:41 AM

well, honestly, the best chocolate chip cookies is always homemade. . . but if you have to go elsewhere for it, levain bakery is pretty next level (for the full and hearty type). for thinner, chewier, gooier variety try almondine in dumbo.


Oct 17, 07:53 AM

city bakery (trite i know)


Oct 17, 08:10 AM

within NYC, it’s Levain.
Outside, it’s a woman named Jeanne Caminis, who runs a company called Effortless Entertaining in Baltimore.

Debbie Zaslow

Oct 17, 08:11 AM

Homemade are definitely the best (the Toll House recipe is a standard) but I have found a fine substitute near where I work. Eileen’s Cheesecake, which does justice to its namesake, also produces a killer chocolate chunk cookie. They are almost bite-size, and when warm from the oven, deliciously gooey and addictive!


Oct 17, 08:19 AM

Levain, followed by Jacques Torres, City Bakery and Petrossian.

Noah Miller

Oct 17, 08:23 AM

If they aren’t baked for you specifically I’d say Milk and Cookies is tops. I like City Bakery too, but you have to like that baking soda-y taste. And while this isn’t a cookie per se, it does have all of the same ingredients and many of the qualities I’m looking for, so I’ll mention the fresh baked chocolate chip scones at Cha An.


Oct 17, 08:24 AM

I have to cast my vote for homemade. They’re always warm and plentiful!!

Patricia Childers

Oct 17, 08:30 AM



Oct 17, 08:33 AM

City Bakery no doubt!! So chewy and chocolatey.


Oct 17, 08:43 AM

Just out of the oven…warm…melted chips with walnuts….homemade !!!!


Oct 17, 08:44 AM

City Bakery


Oct 17, 08:56 AM

Jacques Torres for hoarding, Gray Dog for sharing!


Oct 17, 09:07 AM

Mom makes delicious ones, and the dough is yummy even before baking. :) Love Jacques Torres too. Crunchy is preferable to soft. No nuts, please.

Kaity Chou

Oct 17, 09:08 AM

David’s Cookies!


Oct 17, 09:59 AM

The client services person at my last workplace – oatmeal chocolate chip from scratch….

T. Martin

Oct 17, 10:03 AM

I’m gonna be somewhat of a reble and put in my vote for Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide cookies which are technically double chocolcate but they take the crown as far as I’m concerned. Chocolate batter AND huge chocolate chunks…how can you go wrong?


Oct 17, 10:15 AM

My Aunt Mary, without question. But for a second choice, I’ll join those above voting for Levain Bakery.


Oct 17, 10:19 AM

Luscious Food
Crisp-edged but soft in the center, with a superb salty-sweet contrast, and pecans instead of archetypal walnuts.
59 Fifth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn; 718-398-5800; $0.75

eugenia lai

Oct 17, 10:34 AM

a tie – levain, petrossian and city bakery for different reasons.


Oct 17, 10:46 AM

Petrossian — it’s crisp and thick with excellent chocolate — a unique combination.

Christopher Stephens

Oct 17, 11:07 AM

My brother makes the best home-made chocolate chip cookies, but after that, I’d have to agree about Levain.


Oct 17, 11:47 AM

Celia makes the best cookies!


Oct 17, 12:02 PM

Toll House and Mom!


Oct 17, 12:11 PM

If you can’t have homemade, I have to agree with Luscious Food. They’re close to my apartment and easy to get to!

Queen B.

Oct 17, 12:13 PM

David’s Cookies makes the best in my opinion. So buttery and delectable—yum!!


Oct 17, 03:04 PM

Meeting Street Cafe in Providence (Brown campus) — they are the size of your face…the perfect combo of soft, chewy and crunchy…and amazingly, the generous amounts of semi-sweet chocolate chunks stay melty long after they come out of the oven! magical.


Oct 17, 03:46 PM

oh, this is difficult… almondine in dumbo and city bakery


Oct 17, 04:47 PM

Me! But just because I know exactly how I like it…crispy edges, chewy center and coarse shavings of Valrhona Palmira.


Oct 17, 06:08 PM

not sure if this qualifies—-but i pine for the chocolate lilikoi mac cookies from Hawaii’s Clara’s


Oct 17, 08:52 PM

Jacques Torres for its crispy edges, chewy center and loads of dark chocolate. they serve it warm so you can really smell the chocolate. mmm


Oct 21, 08:28 PM

Depends on the prevailing mood, of course, but Levain hits the spot any day!


Nov 3, 10:32 AM

Homemade is the best! So, I’d have to say that I make the best! Just ask my hubby. :) I also love the Chewy Chocolate Supreme cookie found at The Great American Cookie Company Store in the mall…..


Nov 21, 09:46 PM

i am searching for recipes “Chewy Chocolate Supreme” cookies and I could not find tie as great american cookies.. it is taste like brownies/chocolate cookies.. can u pls help me to find the recipes for chewy chocolate supreme for me.. that one look like i looking for

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