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Il Laboratorio del Gelato

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
June 7, 2007

This week’s BF winners are Alexandra and Marisa.

Congratulations! Please pick up your 2 pints of gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato within the next 30 days.

Thanks for all the great responses this week!

It’s definitely the season to check out all the great outdoor dining spaces in the City.

Have a great weekend and look forward to next Friday’s chance to win more treats!


Click on “comment” below to submit an answer. Send in your comment by 5pm today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win 2 pints of gelato or sorbet from Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

Winners will be contacted via email. Choose your own flavors at the original Il Laboratorio del Gelato (95 Orchard St) at your own convenience.

This week, we thank Il Laboratorio del Gelato for its generous donation!

Owner, Jon Snyder, mentioned he’d be making these flavors in the upcoming days. Gelato: strawberry, chocolate hazelnut, Thai chili chocolate, choc choc chip, tarragon. Sorbet: Fuji apple, lemon basil, raspberry, strawberry. And more…

There’s more good news! In addition to the original store on Orchard Street, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, has “gelato bars” at select New York City Whole Foods — there’s a larger one (28 flavors!) in the new Houston Street location and a smaller one (12 flavors) in Union Square.

Il Laboratorio also has a cart in the MoMA sculpture garden for the summer. Flavors change monthly. (Check out the Richard Serra exhibit on view now through September 10, 2007!) Il Laboratorio’s gelato is also available at the cafe on the second floor: CAFE 2.


Comments (26)

Alexandra Pappas

Jun 8, 03:32 AM

I love eating anywhere on Hudson St – lots of great people-watching to do. The corner on which Philip Marie sits is a prime place to do so. In addition, I don’t particularly like the outdoor space in the back of Cafe Asean (W 10th St), but at least you can eat excellent southeast Asian food outside!

Marisa Bowe

Jun 8, 04:21 AM

Socrates Coffee Shop, a little Greek diner on Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint, has the most lovely outdoor deck in the back. A neighboring lot has an overgrown jungle of a garden; one of those accidental perks that really make a spot.


Jun 8, 04:28 AM

i will have to go for the good old fashioned farmers’ market. there is nothing like being surrounded by piles of fresh produce and the energy of people getting excited about good food.

June Chiamprasert

Jun 8, 04:38 AM

The outdoor dining space at Marchi’s is a wonderful oasis in NYC and definitely my favorite.


Jun 8, 05:39 AM

In Brooklyn, I enjoy Sweet Melissa’s. It’s unpretentious and a space with apple blossoms in the spring and lots of elbow room year round. The brunch fare is reliable and baked goods are pretty tasty.


Jun 8, 05:40 AM

i used to love the back garden of the miracle grill in the east village…it has changed name since i’ve been.
is it still a little urban oasis?


Jun 8, 05:43 AM

That’s a difficult choice to make…so many options bless this city. My fave would be L’Impero in Tudor City. Superb Italian food and great service in a quiet neighborhood that’s so easy to access.


Jun 8, 06:13 AM

Disiac on 54th and 9th has a great small back dining area with ottomans, rugs, great food and drink, and wonderful owners.


Jun 8, 06:27 AM

The backyard garden at Ici in Ft. Greene. The little rosemary pots on the tables make it extra cute, and it’s especially good at brunch with the baked eggs and a side of some of the best bacon in the city.


Jun 8, 06:42 AM

The garden at Le Refuge, on the upper east side. Don’t miss the soft-shelled crabs when they’re in season!


Jun 8, 06:53 AM

I really like the garden at Spite and Divel in Williamsburg, but does that qualify as a restaurant? Otherwise, I can only think of the one at Moustache in the East Village. I realize I don’t know that many places with outdoor seating, though I feel as if I’m always looking for them this time of year.

Adam K.

Jun 8, 07:07 AM

I’ve always liked the garden at Robin des Bois on Smith Street. Yeah, it’s probably old hat, but I’m a creature of habit.


Jun 8, 07:11 AM

My favorite outdoor seating is at VESPA on the UES. With it’s overhanging leaves and vines, distressed wood paneling, and glow-like lighting,’s like you’re transported to a romantic evening in Rome. They have a fantastic wine list and scrumptious food. If you want your girlfriend to swoon, it’s the place. It’s absolutely wonderful! Oh! and don’t miss the adorable little vespa out front!


Jun 8, 07:16 AM

Do you have to have actually eaten there? I walk by the back garden at The Waverly Inn often and always think it looks like an enchanted spot, with its large, leafy trees, wooden seating, latticework and candlelight. I’m almost afraid entering would shatter the dream…. Perhaps thankfully, the Waverly isn’t so easy to get into. :)


Jun 8, 07:25 AM

I love the back garden at Danal, on E. 10th St. A beautiful little corner filled with gorgeous trees and planters, and excellent food.


Jun 8, 07:26 AM

AOC (used to be Grove) and Pure Food and Wine have amazing gardens. La Lanterna by WSP is fantastic, too!

Christopher Stephens

Jun 8, 07:35 AM

Everything tastes better in Central Park – from a carefully planned picnic to, yes, a hot dog.


Jun 8, 08:10 AM

my favorite outdooor dining space in the city is on the roofdeck of my building! second place is out on the “balcony” at Il Cantinori!

shuna fish lydon

Jun 8, 08:14 AM

It brings me back to sit in the back at Yaffa. Somehow those giant salads don’t seem so giant among the trees.

I’ll also second Danal because the food, and moreover, the aromas coming out of the kitchen are like sirens beckoning one to wait in that line.

And for people watching, Tartine in the West Village or Cafe Orlin on 8th street.

Erika F.

Jun 8, 08:26 AM

My all-time favorite spot is Cafe Gitane in Nolita. Not only does it promise good people watching, the food’s yummy and they never rush you if you’re lingering over many bottles of wine!


Jun 8, 09:07 AM

Supercore in Williamsburg. It’s small and cozy and the perfect summer outdoor grilling spot.


Jun 8, 09:21 AM

My fave outdoor dining is at Dumont. The garden is so chill.

howard tang

Jun 8, 11:53 AM

best outdoor dining space is sushi samba on 7th ave and barrow st….you feel that you are on a teak lined deck of an ocean liner


Jun 8, 12:08 PM

Weekday lunch at Cipriani Downtown is so indulgent. Food delicious, atmosphere chic. I half expect a Fiat to pull up as patrons cry out “Ciao, Marcello”


Jun 8, 01:13 PM

the best outdoor spot? look for me on tuesday at the biggest picnic I can think of – THE GREAT LAWN of Central Park, at 8pm. You can’t beat having the opera playing as background music! Opera in the park is quintiessential NYC.


Jun 20, 08:11 AM

I know it is too late to win the 2 pints of gelato from Il Laboratorio del Gelato, but I’ve seen that nobody mentioned the stunning outdoor patio of the Fitzpatrick Grand Central hotel on 44th street. For me, this is the BEST outdoor dining space. I often go there after work and I love sitting under the sun for eating delicious Irish specialities and cocktails. This is the perfect spot for this summer. Excellent ambience, green trees, great food, nice people…

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