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'wichcraft Cupcakes + Cream'wiches

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
May 17, 2007

The winners for this week’s BF are Raheli and Karen.

Your sweets will be waiting for you at Joe (9 E 13th St) tomorrow after 11am. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to this week’s Baking Friday drawing!

Cyn and I are so excited to try out all the great drinks recommended!

Have a good weekend and check back next Friday for more goodies to win!


Click on “comment” below to submit an answer by 5pm today and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win the baked goods of the day.

Pick up your winnings at award-winning coffee shop, Joe, at
9 East 13th Street tomorrow, Saturday, including 4 Joe coupons for your beverages of choice. The winner will be contacted via email.

'wichcraft chocolate cupcake

This week, we celebrate the 4th anniversary of ‘wichcraft, as well as the opening of it’s 8th store (which is in the original location of the very first ‘wichcraft at 11 E 20th St). Happy birthday, ‘wichcraft! 2 lucky winners have the chance to win 4 chocolate cupcakes or 12 cream’wiches from ‘wichcraft!

'wichcraft cream'wiches


Comments (35)


May 18, 03:54 AM

I’m not a huge drinker (I’m one of those Asians that can’t drink to save his life) but when I need a good stiff drink, I go to get a sidecar at Angel’s Share off of St. Mark’s Place. Bracingly strong, old school classy, and impeccably prepared. ‘Nuff said.


May 18, 04:20 AM

Clearly, I’m a ginger girl. The Jamaican Firefly at Flatiron Lounge gets my vote. But in the same vein and very nearly tied for first is the Ginger Smash at Employees Only.


May 18, 04:28 AM

The margarita made by bartender Daniel at Mexico Lindo. Cazadores tequila, Patron Citron, and a fresh lime in every glass… Mmmm…


May 18, 05:09 AM

My favorite drink is the Smoked Olive Martini at R.U.B. I wish I could have said that a cocktail at one of the important chef or stylish restaurants in the City was my favorite (as that is my favorite kind of food and restaurant). Alas R.U.B. is ultra casual and fun but that cocktail stands out as flavorful, rich, elegant, and interesting-and not (which would be the kiss of death for me) sweet.


May 18, 05:25 AM

If non-alcoholic drinks count, my fave is definitely the Frozen Virgin Mojito at Bite, the little outdoor stand at that pointy corner where Lafayette and Mulberry streets meet. Tons of fresh mint, fresh lime juice, sugar and ice, tossed in a blender. Divine!!


May 18, 05:32 AM

I’m a big fan of the bloody marys at Esperanto on 9th and C. They’re a great way to spice up my favorite $10 brunch.


May 18, 05:37 AM

scotch. straight up. texas style.


May 18, 05:39 AM

My favortie is the infused cucumber gin and soda from Mama’s Bar…the cuke cuts the juniper berry case, and totally compliments it. It’s the refreshing foray into summer that I’m needing right now!


May 18, 05:45 AM



May 18, 05:56 AM

ok. i had too many to remember the name, but these lemonade-tasting drinks at employees only are amazing. mmmmmm

Adria Linder

May 18, 06:08 AM

You already know my absolute favorite, Angel Share’s “Groovy”, but other noteworthy cocktails I’ve enjoyed recently include: Gramercy Tavern’s “Gin – Ger & Tonic”, The Harrison’s “Elderflower Spritzer” and the “Spritz” at Employees Only.

Meg O'Rourke

May 18, 06:17 AM

J’amocaccino Joe at Clay


May 18, 06:28 AM

nothing beats a leisurely afternoon at brooklyn brewery. anything that you drink there is enhanced by the roasty, yeasty and hoppy aromas wafting through the air.


May 18, 06:34 AM

classics rule: I love a latte with skim with any sandwich from wich’craft


May 18, 06:35 AM

My faves are seasonal – a dirty martini in the fall/winter and a dark and stormy – or a mojito! – in the spring/summer. Still exploring to find my favorite locale.


May 18, 06:42 AM

My favoirate drink is “Dirty Jane” at Jane..it’s a very dirty martini, made with home made pickled green tomatoes..yumm..I always ask for extra pickled green tomatoes as garnish


May 18, 06:44 AM

an Old Fashioned at Temple Bar


May 18, 06:59 AM

Frozen limoncello at Palma (especially on a spring day in their garden) or a glass of Ronnybrook milk with hot chocolate chip cookies at Milk and Cookies


May 18, 07:01 AM

Non-Alcoholic: Definitely the Eighties Milkshake at Max Brenner (thick milkshake made with vanilla cream and a floating scoop of ice cream covered with crunchy chocolate).... yummmm!

Alcoholic: Fraise Sauvage at Employees Only (Plymouth Gin, Wild Strawberries, Tahitian Vanilla & Fresh Lemon Juice, topped off with Mumm Joyesse Demi-Sec Champagne ).

Pia Padukone

May 18, 07:15 AM

The Tamarind Margarita at Tabla is my favorite. It has a hint of lime like margaritas should but also a fantastic bitter, tartness, salty flavor. It’s an amuse bouche in a martini glass.


May 18, 07:33 AM

I love the strawberry sangria at Bar Carrera…refreshing every time.


May 18, 07:35 AM

i’m going to keep it classic…

sitting outside at hudson bar and books with a tom collins. just can’t beat it.


May 18, 07:43 AM

I’m a simple gal. Grey Goose Cosmos at Trax in Penn Station.


May 18, 07:44 AM

So many to choose from, but I had a honeydew champagne cocktail at Babbo that was pretty amazing.


May 18, 08:03 AM

Watching an ice-cold gin martini be poured – perfectly – from a crystal shaker at Angel’s Share… it’s as good as arriving in heaven.


May 18, 08:09 AM

i luv the “northside special” at little branch…very refreshing with rum and fresh orange. i think it’s only available during the fall season.

“scenes in the city” at angel’s share is also super-deelish (despite the funny name).


May 18, 08:41 AM

I have two favorites in the city:

1) From A.O.C. Bedford: Diamond Fizz.
Gin, lemon juice, sugar and champagne. Yum!

2) From Pravda: Bohemian. Vodka & passion fruit concoction. No one can drink just one. More than two, though, can make for an interesting night!


May 18, 08:59 AM

The ginger martini at the Orchid lounge is like candy.

But, I agree that anything on tap at the Brooklyn Brewery is just perfect, and so tasty with ginger cookies [but you have to supply your own.]


May 18, 09:38 AM

My favorite is the bartender special at Little Branch. It’s always a surprise, and it’s always good!


May 18, 11:31 AM

I’ve definitely been pregnant and breastfeeding too long, because I can’t think of a single cocktail. But it has given me an excuse to enjoy many chocolate milkshakes from EJ’s Luncheonette. Mmmmm….


May 18, 11:53 AM

I love the Earlgrey marTEAni from Pegu club!

also, Rob from Employees Only makes a great sherry-lemonade cocktail with Stoli Ohranj.


May 18, 12:18 PM

The Maury Flight at A.O.C. Bedford: 2003, 1998, 1995, and 1977. In that order and the 1977 is sure worth the wait.


May 18, 12:54 PM

I love the bellinis at Gusto (60 Greenwich Ave). They are delicious and not too sweet.


May 18, 01:54 PM

Freeman’s, freeman’s, freeman’s! their signature is great…but you can also sit in the back w/ the blonde bartender dude(tname?) and he will make ones up for you…slu-u-u-rp!

Florence Li

May 18, 05:40 PM

lychee martini’s at verlain’s…even better during happy hour

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