Sir Kensington's Ketchup 4-pack

Sir Kensington's Ketchup

by Celia Sin-Tien Cheng
March 31, 2011

This month’s winners are Judy and Shirley! Both winners’ answers were entered via Twitter.

Below is the original Baking Friday post.


Scroll down to enter your answer, and click “submit” after the preview appears on screen. Send us your answer by midnight tonight for a chance to win a four-pack of Sir Kensington’s Ketchup (two each of the classic and spiced). Winners will be contacted via email. This Baking Friday is open to participants living in all 50 states.

I love ketchup! The best part of eating a burger and fries is spreading ketchup on the bun and drizzling it all over the fries! Ketchup is a miracle condiment with its tangy vinegar and tomato flavors.

I had always taken for granted that ketchup meant Heinz — until I tasted Sir Kensington’s Ketchup. Now I’m using this gourmet ketchup not only as a condiment, but also as a sauce base in everything from crab cakes to Japanese chili shrimp.

Not even a year old, this newcomer is already on the shelves at Whole Foods, William-Sonoma and Dean and Deluca in two flavors: classic and spiced. (The team came up with eight prototype flavors and chose the top two from a blind tasting.) Besides great flavor, Sir Kensington’s is also about wit. You can read all about the character of Sir Kensington on their website. And I love the tees and tanks with Sir Kensington’s mustache motif.

We hope you are one of two lucky winners this week to win the four-pack, but if not, Sir Kensington’s is offering Cravings readers a 10% discount on the four-pack when ordered online. Just use discount code “findyourcraving.” (Note: The four-pack is already discounted 15% online. You get an additional 10% off by using this code.)

Happy Ketchup Friday!


Comments (18)

Julia Ames

Apr 1, 05:16 AM

We never purchase dressing of any sort or or salsa or marinades but we love them all. So many varieties are possible with just a few ingredients. The one I could not live without is mustard. King of condiments in my opinion.


Apr 1, 05:37 AM

I like to mix Ketchup Dijon Mustard and Kewpie Mayo together to have a creamy rich tangy condiment


Apr 1, 06:26 AM

Very specifically for French fries, I like to mix mayo w/ LOTS of fresh ground pepper!


Apr 1, 06:37 AM

sriracha manages to find its way into most of our meals. although fancy soy sauce smuggled to the states by a very generous friend trumps every condiment and is saved for special occasions.

Kalyn Johnson Chandler

Apr 1, 06:56 AM

I am a sauce person and ketchup is one of my favorite sauces in particular! I LOVE french fries, especially extra crispy with just the right amount of ketchup. I’ll definitely have to try Sir Kensington’s.

Stylishly yours,


Apr 1, 07:05 AM

ketchup and mustard provide a nice kick.


Apr 1, 07:53 AM

I’m obsessed with homemade harissa (David Tanis’s recipe, from A Platter of Figs), and also homemade sriracha, though my version is much thicker than store-bought “rooster sauce.”


Apr 1, 08:02 AM

I am a big fan of ketchup, though vinegar is great too. My husband absolutely loves sriracha and puts it on EVERYTHING- and I mean EVERYTHING- including glazed donuts.

T. Martin

Apr 1, 08:57 AM

I am a BIG fan of mustard—spicy brown…not yellow stuff—but recently ketchup has somehow found its way onto my plate so trying to some well made varieties would be interesting.


Apr 1, 10:06 AM

We had so many tomatoes last year that we made a batch of our own ketchup. It tasted more like a cross between BBQ and Heinz, and we put it on everything. This year we’re going to have to make many more batches — here’s to tomato season!


Apr 1, 11:01 AM

So many options to choose from, but spicy mayo, aioli, or mayo with capers and anchovy. Hard to decide on a favorite and this is only in the mayo category!


Apr 1, 11:49 AM

I love ketchup!


Apr 1, 11:55 AM

I love making my own dressings and marinades (being Cuban, I make a mean mojo for chicken and fish). However, I have recently developed quite a passion for HARISSA I put it on eggs, salads, grains, just about anything….. : )

BTW Celia, your site is beautiful (as always).
Great to see you at my reception. Hope to see you soon.
Kindest regards,


Apr 1, 11:58 AM

For my english muffin in the morning, Rare Bird Preserves, Cherry Lime Jam, I already used up my jar and I just bought it, also Co-op Hot Sauce Jalapeno, to spice up my eggs in the morning.


Apr 1, 02:32 PM

I love jam and preserves.
My recent favorite is St dalfour.


Apr 1, 04:43 PM

Hmmm..this is tough as I love mayo really with anything! But I do love love love sweet hot mustard, particularly the SchoolHouse Kitchen kind. Especially with soft pretzels-yum.


Apr 2, 02:49 PM

Sounds fantactic to poach morning eggs (a la ranchero) in the tomato harrisa poaching liquid with this!!!


Apr 7, 06:59 AM

Sriracha sauce in the squeeze bottle makes almost everything taste better. Wanting to try my hand at making Anarchy in a Jar’s Green Tomato Chutney which I was only able to get my hands on once. It’s amazing on a nice cheddar…

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