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Mother's Day Gifts 2013

May 01, 2013
Celia Sin-Tien Cheng, Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Gift ideas that show how much you appreciate Mom!

2004 Pol Roger Brut Rosé A. Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits

Cravings wine editor Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng tastes the 2004 Pol Roger Brut Rosé with a special guest. Together they set off on a pairing experiment of red fruits and pink foods with the rosé champagne. Does the experiment work? They’ll also explain why this particular champagne is a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Kitchen Makeover B. Caroline Lee Jackson

Even the most organized of moms may not always have the time and energy to keep her kitchen clutter-free and user-friendly. This is where Caroline Lee Jackson comes into the picture. Jackson is a personal chef who has spent her entire life in kitchens. In this video she demonstrates a kitchen makeover, one of the essential services she... full article

Pasta of The Month C. Sfoglini

Sfoglini produces innovative fresh and dried pastas in distinctive textures and flavors. The Williamsburg-based pasta producer makes both traditional (organic semolina or 50/50 whole wheat and semolina) and seasonal lines. The seasonal pastas are made with ingredients from local green markets and urban farms, so there’s always... full article

Fog Linen Work D. Shop Fog Linen

I’m a big fan of Yumiko Sekine’s Fog Linen Work. The classic and simple designs and wonderfully soft textures of the linen products are perfect for those with a modernist sensibility. Fog Linen Work is based in Japan, though most of the goods are produced in Lithuania where flax is grown. I often find Fog products at houseware... full article

Russian Tea Cake E. Empire Cake

Fluff Love

Whether you call it a Russian tea cake or a Mexican wedding cookie, I’m calling it my Fluff Love. When I ate these cookies while growing up in Hawaii, I had no idea what they were called, but I have always associated them with my carefree childhood and always loved lingering over their sweet crumbly taste. Empire Cake’s... full article

Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store F. Museum of Modern Art

April 14–August 5, 2013

There is so much food represented among Claes Oldenburg’s sculptures, but that is not the reason why I am recommending this thrilling exhibit that examines , Oldenburg’s first two major bodies of work. The Street is an exploration of his Lower East Side... full article