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Sweet Corn Ravioli (Seasonal)
July 13, 2006

A Voce Madison

Sweet Corn Ravioli (Seasonal)

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

It is literally corn inside the ravioli. The texture of the crisp corn is rather refreshing and a little unexpected since we are generally accustomed to ravioli with smooth blends of cheeses or meat. Accompanying the ravioli are smoked tomatoes, summer truffle — I can still smell and taste it now — and farona di bosco mushrooms. The English name for the mushrooms is “hen of the woods.” I had not recognized the Italian or English name of this mushroom, but when I tasted it, I realized that it’s one of my favorite Japanese mushrooms, maitake. It makes perfect sense that the combination of corn, pasta, mushrooms, tomato and truffles is for me a quintessential summer dish since these are all of my favorite ingredients. To add a little spunk, there are also a couple of leaves of Chinese chives, which have a distinctive and slightly pungent burst of flavor. What can I say, this dish is just absolutely scrumptious!

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