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Flowering Broccoli, Pecorino Romano, Spring Garlic and Chilies Pizza (Seasonal)
May 08, 2009


Flowering Broccoli, Pecorino Romano, Spring Garlic and Chilies Pizza (Seasonal)

Celia Sin-Tien Cheng

Whenever I’m in Park Slope or Prospect Heights, Franny’s is at the top of my list of dinner destinations. It’s a feel-good restaurant as it’s casual, and the quality of their Italian-influenced cuisine is always high and consistent. Though Franny’s is known for its pizzas, I’m actually a bigger fan of the constantly changing lineup of appetizers. Much of the menu is sourced locally, with suppliers listed on the back of the menu, while some the vegetables are grown on site*, and the meats are cured there as well.

On my visit, my companions had already ordered two with tomato and buffalo mozzarella, one of which with meatballs, so I knew I needed to branch out in terms of flavor profiles, but I wasn’t in the mood for my favorite clam pizza. So I thought I’d try the vegetarian option with flowering broccoli. Since the other pizzas were tomato-based, it was fine that this one wasn’t. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was absolutely delicious! The broccoli rabe was as fresh as can be; the spring garlic sliced like scallions added a hint of pungent spice, and the chilies gave the pizza heat that was tempered by a little cheese. It was perfection.

Correction: There are no vegetables grown on site. All vegetables are sourced locally.


295 Flatbush Ave
New York, NY
Prospect Heights