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96 Dom Ruinart
September 14, 2011


96 Dom Ruinart

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

Listen Up!

(750 ml) $255

Dom, Dom, Dom. When you hear that you must think of everyone’s imagine of the uber luxurious Dom Pérignon. But the Dom that really has my heart is Dom Ruinart.

Why, you ask? Let’s see:

  1. REPUTATION: Ruinart is the oldest champagne-producing house in Champagne. It was founded in 1729.
  2. QUALITY: It’s a Grand Cru champagne. Chardonnay only from the best villages in Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Blancs.
  3. AGE-WORTHINESS: It’s a blanc de blancs which has amazing potential for maturing and evolving.
  4. TASTE & TEXTURE: It’s incredibly rich and racy.
  5. QPR: The price is shockingly reasonable for a prestige cuvée wine.

This is a vintage champagne to impress. It’s a bit under the radar for younger buyers and a bit forgotten by the more mature wine buyers. But, this is a champagne star if you ask me.

I tasted a preview of the 2002 vintage, which was a lesson in structure and harmony. Bold and round, it’s one of those vintage wines that is drinking well now but will definitely benefit from ageing. Ripe yellow fruits coupled with brightness in the acidity and a low dosage. It’s clean as a whistle but sharp as one also. The 1996 served from a magnum, which followed, was just stunning. Almost too beautiful to be true. Are you listening now?


558 Third Ave
New York, NY
Murray Hill/Kips Bay