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2004 Cristal
May 02, 2012

Crush Wine & Spirits

2004 Cristal

Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng

For Mom, Not for Pop


It’s not just for rappers and not just for Pop. It’s for Mom — only the best.

The idea is not to get Mom all bling’d up. The cool moms don’t need outer accessories to be hip. The idea is that Mom deserves her own bottle of an elegant champagne. Champagne houses have a long history of being run by strong, innovative women. Champagne is a celebration of womanhood, the strength beneath a refined surface.

I’d choose the 2004 Cristal ($209.99), which is drinking very well right now. Almost equal parts Pinot Noir (55%) and Chardonnay (45%), this wine is a perfect study of balance between delicacy and power. Not a thing out of order, it delights without being overpowering. This is only possible when the grapes come from the best villages, and here it’s all Grand Cru. Like Mom, these well-established vines have developed concentration and confidence. Cristal spends an average of five years in the cellars before its release, yet the taste is all verve — sharp, bright and youthful. A vivid symbol of feminine power.

For Mom, for when she feels like popping it!

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